Project Profile

Project Period : 2010 – 2013

(4 years)

Stake holders : resettled IDPs

Project Fund : US $ 75.5 Mn


1.Component  A  -   Emergency Assistance to IDPs –  US $ 2 m 



2.Component  B  -   Work-fare Program (Cash for work) US $ 10.5 m –

Co financed by AusAID.

3.Component  C  -   Rehabilitation and Reconstruction  of Essential  Public and Economic Infrastructure -  US $ 60 m


4.Component  D  -   Project Management Support – US $ 3 m




The Project Development Objective is to “Support the Government’s effort to rapidly return the internally displaced people to their original place of residence in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and restore their social and economic life”. It will be achieved through:


This component would provide assistance to returned households to re-engage in livelihood activities such as agricultural farming and marine fishing. This component will provide financing to : Meet cost related to the operation of mobile land task forces, surveys and studies required to rapidly restore contesed property rights of the resettled people. Conduct demining awarness program to IDPs, project staff and contractors. Clear thick vegetative growth of paddy lands to be able to resume land preparation for cultivation. Provide seeds, basic and miscellaneous agricultural and fishing implements to the people to be able to start paddy farming and marine fishing immediately after the resettlement.


This component will provide assistance to repair, reconstruct and restore vital public and economic infrastructure and facilities damaged by the war and that are dysfunctional or partly functional at present.Rehabilitation of Irrigation Systems. Rehabilitation of Rural Roads. Restoration of Drinking Water Schemes. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Public Buildings and Facilities.


The project is expected to reach a total of about 110,000 IDP’s in all five administrative districts of Northern Province namely Jaffna , Vavuniya , Killinochchi , Mannar , Mullaitivu.

The work-fare program will execute small scale labor intensive repair and rehabilitation works of village level infrastructure and facilities by employing one member from each household as daily wage laborers. It will provide a minimum of 90 labor days of guaranteed work employment for one person from each IDP household (about Rs 45,000 per household for 90 days of work). Of these 90 days, returnees will be eligible to spend 40 days to make their own homes repaired and functional.


This program will be continued until the resettled people have reasonable income opportunities in the villages and adjoining areas. The work-fare program fulfills a dual objective. On the one hand, it will provide short-term and immediately required cash to the people. On the other hand, the program would be managed to undertake urgent labor intensive repair works such as clearing debris of damaged houses and village buildings, cleaning dug wells, and repairing hamlet level access roads, small irrigation canals etc.

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